Relax and Feel Pampered in Your Own Home

Relax and Feel Pampered in Your Own Home

You won't have to leave your house to visit the spa

You deserve to have a space in your home where you can sit back, relax and unwind. Why not transform your bathroom into an in-home spa? CL Home Improvement offers full bathroom remodeling services so you can turn your outdated bathroom into showstopping space. Call us today and we'll give you a free estimate on your bathroom remodeling project.

A sneak peek of our bathroom remodeling process

Remodeling your bathroom is an exciting project. There are so many elements that go into designing a bathroom, and you can customize all of them to fit your own vision. CL Home Improvement can:

  • Install new hardwood or tile flooring
  • Add features like showers, bathtubs, sinks and toilets
  • Prime and paint the walls your chosen color
  • Move or install light fixtures and cabinets

By remodeling your bathroom, you'll be able to create a relaxing spot that's truly yours. Call CL Home Improvement today at 914-382-1125 to schedule your consultation.